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Corporate Wellness

A high intake of unhealthy food options leads to an increased risk of chronic illnesses, which include diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

The implementation of a well-established Corporate Health Program encourages healthier choices among employees, reaping long term rewards.

We do Health Fairs, lectures, workshops, consultations, and weight loss challenges, to further promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

Companies we have participated in Health Fairs/Lectures/Corporate Wellness Programs/Individualized Meal plans include:

  • Caribbean Gas Chemicals Ltd (CGCL)

  • BHP Billiton (On land and offshore)

  • Baker Hughes

  • Bermudez Biscuit Company

  • Repsol Angostura Limited

  • Sagicor Life

  • Cameron

  • Trinity power



North Central Health Centers

  • Arcelor Mittal
  • ASCO Ltd
  • Svitzer Marine
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Territorial Services Ltd.
  • Weatherford
  • Servus Ltd.
  • Massy Wood Group
  • The results that have been achieved have impacted on employees in terms of weight loss, and having better management and control of their chronic diseases such as hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes.

    Group sessions are interactive programs designed to engage, educate, and motivate your employees to incorporate wellness into their lives both in and out of the workplace.

    A wide variety of group wellness session topics are available.

    Individualized meal plan consultation sessions are where employees will be assessed. Metrics will be taken of their weight, bmi, body fat %, muscle %, visceral fat %, and body age.

    We assess their current eating patterns and lifestyle and make recommendations and prescribe an individualized meal plan accordingly. A meal plan will be calculated specifically for the employee’s medical condition/s and needs.

    I am even Helicopter Underwater Egress Trained (HUET) for lectures on platforms offshore!

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